Have you ever learned something new or had an experience that was so powerful you couldn’t keep it to yourself?

I did.

It started in 2017, right after I decided to close my marketing and PR firm of 25 years. The circumstances that led to this decision were complicated and painful at the time. As usual, the situation taught me valuable lessons I could not have learned any other way.

It was while addressing a few final legal matters that I noticed I was becoming more and more frustrated – even angry. About that same time, someone close to me said,

“Lisa, you need to get some help.”


The fact that I needed help was no surprise.

Choosing to let a successful business go after so long was much more difficult than I anticipated. When I thought about my future, I felt more depressed than excited (not like me at all).

I decided to step back and look at the areas of my life I wanted to change. Since my weight had risen to an all-time high, I knew my health was a priority. Also high on the list was figuring out my next career move. 

Looking at my weight revealed a familiar pattern that had started when I was five and never stopped:

  • Feel pain (or any negative emotion)
  • Overeat to dull the feeling
  • Gain weight
  • Feel even more pain
  • Repeat

As it turns out, the immediate gratification of dulling my emotions came with long-term negative consequences.

But I didn’t know that then.

Lisa Boyer Coaching

Lisa Wilson (Boyer), age 6

Starting in first grade, I remember eating for comfort, gaining weight, and learning to diet from my mom. I was the only kid with one apple and a small chunk of cheese in my lunchbox every day. Can you guess what I did as soon as I got home from school?



Do you often complain about not being able to lose weight? Do you sometimes eat for no reason at all? Are you always thinking about food or how much you weigh? Do you worry about family gatherings that include beaches or outdoor activities of any kind?

If you paused to consider your responses to any of these questions, that was you practicing self-awareness, and self-awareness is step one in any problem-solving process.

As your awareness and ability to observe what you are thinking improve, so does your ability to manage your mind.

Managing your mind can stop the automatic mental chatter and confusing internal dialogue to create room for intentional thoughts. You will become proficient at this process when you work with me. 

Your future is bright and it’s waiting on you.

Lisa Boyer Coaching

At 64 years old, I completed the Life Coach School’s intensive coach training program and was certified as a Professional Life and Weight Coach in August 2018. I also completed the six-month Supervised Practicum that followed certification in December 2018; I was 65.


Rather than dwelling on mistakes from the past, the women I coach become free to create new futures. To get the results, they do the work.

Together we carefully examine any obstacles that stand in the way of reaching the desired future destination. We then chart a course to overcome them all.

The process incorporates practical lessons from my own journey and the advanced tools and techniques mastered during coach training. We are further supported by Kevin Wilson, PA-C, a licensed medical practitioner specializing in functional medicine, health, and wellness. Finally, by understanding the fundamentals of neuroscience, we are better able to replace the automatic behaviors that no longer serve us.

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU IS THIS: Do not let this opportunity to create the magnificent body and life you deserve pass you by. You are ready.

I absolutely know that you can be, do, and have anything your heart desires.

Got questions? I’ve got answers.

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