By Lisa Boyer / December 14, 2023 / Comments Off on A FRESH LOOK AT GOALS

Coming up with goals for the future is harder than it sounds, especially if you expect to reach them. It’s one thing to jot down a list of wishes and then put the paper away. It’s a whole different ball of wax to create plans and intentionally live the results ahead of time.

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A person shutting their alarm clocks


By Lisa Boyer / July 7, 2023 / Comments Off on EMBRACING SELF-DISCIPLINE

Dear Diary, I have always liked to keep lists of the goals I’m trying to reach, including all the steps required to achieve each one. Recently, I started keeping two separate lists:  (1.) Goals I need or want to complete quickly, and  (2.) Longer-term goals and/or projects that are more difficult and will take longer…

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A woman holding a cup of coffee


By Lisa Boyer / October 28, 2022 / Comments Off on MOVING FORWARD

Completing big projects without distractions requires careful planning and focus. A realistic deadline helps, too. The key to completion is a live list of actions with clear parameters and time constraints. Add in a crazy sense of humor, don’t take yourself too seriously, and get to work.

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A Woman in a White Blouse Looking at a Diary


By Lisa Boyer / October 21, 2022 / Comments Off on AWARENESS REQUIRED

Quick. Tell me what you’re thinking right this second. What about now? It’s been said we have between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts each day, yet we are only aware of a tiny fraction of them. Most occur at the subconscious level with only one or two able to breach our consciousness at any given time.

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A Girl Covering her Eyes and Crying


By Lisa Boyer / October 14, 2022 / Comments Off on THE WEIGHT OF NUMBERS

The fear of stepping on a scale in front of other people can rival that of public speaking. Why? Scales simply report the news; they don’t make it. Early negative childhood experiences associated with weight are stored in our subconscious minds and stand ready to be triggered at a moment’s notice.

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Lisa in a Brown Color Top With Big Round Glasses


By Lisa Boyer / October 7, 2022 / Comments Off on WELCOME TO MY DIARY, Y’ALL

For an inside look into how this page works, read on. Nothing’s off limits when it starts out in a Diary written to inform, educate, and even entertain. We’ll navigate lessons learned and how to make it through those challenging times when “stuck” is the best you can muster. Join us.

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